Who We Are?

The ITS HUB is a collection of people who work together and think together .

Our Story

Our first shopfront was opened in 1994 fixing typewriters that our competitors would throw out because they were beyond economical repair. Coming from humble backgrounds we found ourselves appreciating that one person’s perception of value was different to another’s, so we fixed them anyway and then sold them at prices the public could afford. That philosophy transcended into TVs, then later monitors, then computers to the business we offer today. The breadth of change in our industry has created opportunities for our team to grow and offer the innovative yet simple services which help households and businesses along when they need help. With that philosophy in mind, the ITS Hub was formed to now offer all the technology service we do today. The very nature of the Hub is our ability to partner with a wide selection of other global hubs to help fullfil your requirement. This means we can do things others can’t, provide services at better prices than others and due to our agnostic approach, ensure you get the best of what’s available. 

Our People


CEO and Picture

Dan Phillips

Web design and development

Andrew Matisse

Head of Business Development

Paul Hemp

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