Bread & Butter Repairs

Where it all started for the Hub and what we’ve never forgotten about or allowed our success to get too big for our boots. Our friendly engineers and our vast workshop capabilities in North London, allow us to fix single consumer technologies for home along with complex and high volumes of computer equipment  for our commercial customers. With our feet firmly on the ground, no job is too small but we do accept that some jobs are too big. Where this happens we’re open and transparent with you as to whom within our Hub of partners we will partner with to deliver your requirements, with your price and objectives in mind. 

If it's broke, let us look at it.

Think of landfill and repair it!

Just because it's new, it doesn't mean it's better.

Maximise your TCO and retain your existing estate.

Talk to us about the HubDesk and what it can do for you; email

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